Mrs. Temple's Fourth Grade

This is a look into Mrs. Temple's class and her terrific kiddos!

The Earth’s Layers February 23, 2012

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This week, fourth and fifth graders were assigned to make a model of the Earth’s layers. They were instructed to label the crust, mantel, inner, and outer core. The only other directions they had were to be CREATIVE! Their projects were outstanding! We had clay models, styrofoam models, a cake model, and a jello model! The students took pride in their work as they presented their projects and told the class about interesting information they learned about the different layers of the Earth.

Anna used a styrofoam ball to depict the layers of the Earth. She cut it open to reveal each layer and painted the continents and oceans on her model.

Shivam showed the layers of the Earth by using different colors of clay to make his model. He also showed the continents and oceans by using blue and green clay.

Katelyn baked a cake to show the crust, mantle, inner, and outer core. She used fondant to make show the continents and oceans.

Once Katelyn cut into her cake, you could see the different layers of the Earth.

Cole used modeling clay to reveal all the four layers of the Earth. He also showed the oceans and continents in blue and green clay.

Logan used a styrofoam ball and tissue paper for his model.

Eli depicted the Earth's layers by using a styrofoam ball and markers.

Kevyn made three different types of Jello and cut each one to fit inside a mold to show the Earth's layers. She used a glass dish in order to label each layer and covered the bottom in foil so it would have a "rocky" look.


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